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EdTech Accelerator

Cohort I has launched
Applications for Cohort II are now open on an ongoing basis.

Cohort II Applications Open

DOHE Global

With $200 Million in capital donated by successful entrepreneurs, DOHE supports EdTech startups that aim to bring about social change.  

This will fuel DOHE’s resource-rich support for EdTech startups embarking on their journey towards growth and using technology as a catalyst for change. 

We are focused on amplifying your potential to impact millions of people, rather than on financial return. 

We strongly believe that everyone DOHE helps will return the favour to the world.

Our mission

Championing EdTech startups to improve society

Working towards a fairer, more compassionate and resourceful world, where everyone has more access to better education and opportunities. 


No, we don’t fund you. Instead, we help you achieve organisational maturity through our resource-rich programme. We’ll introduce you to VCs and angel investors throughout the programme.

more info:

Yes, we accelerate startups from early ideation stage.

  • Each startup team is assigned a startup coach whose role is to help them to facilitate organic growth.  
  • Startup coach and startup team work in parallel over the six-month programme, tracking progress on objectives and resolving them. While not a problem-solver as such, the startup coach empowers the startup team to make the best decisions for their organisation. 
  • The startup coaches have a deep and comprehensive understanding of DOHE Navigator, enabling them to discern the best approach to challenges in the startup journey. Where challenges cannot be dealt with internally, the startup coach can apply this knowledge and find the best expert to overcome each challenge.
  • It’s important to identify the startups first, and then find coaches in our pool who can support and accelerate the selected startups so that we can tailor support to startups by leveraging each coach’s experience.
  • Startup coaches selected for the Go-Together Programme have run and exited their own businesses, worked in education and understand the differences between big and small organisations, corporates and the challenges of running startups.
  • Coaches are able to provide startup networks too. They will be accountable for your journey, but they will not give set-in-stone guidance to you. We’ll share the coach profiles in the future.

Experts recommended by DOHE have proven in-depth knowledge in areas such as EdTech, investment, leadership, technology,  entrepreneurship and beyond. They provide targeted support for you and your business to overcome certain challenges on the way to growing your business. Your startup coach will pick out challenges where expert assistance is necessary, point to in-depth solutions and connect you to experts in those areas. 

Yes, it will belong to the startup.

Yes, once you join the programme, we plan to host a get-together session in the beginning for icebreaking and for participants to meet. We believe in peer-to-peer learning opportunities, and even after the programme is completed, you’ll be part of DOHE ecosystem and alumni group.

We plan to run a 2nd cohort in November 2023.

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